Alaska’s Digital Archives

Alaska's Digital Archives is a consortium of libraries and archives across the state who have all contributed some of their images to an online database. This means you can find images of collections from many institutions in Alaska in one place.

The Alaska and Polar Regions Special Collections & Archives contributes a small portion of their collections to the database at Alaska’s Digital Archives. Our contributions include photographs, film, manuscripts, and maps. All of our rare maps are available to view on Alaska’s Digital Archives.

Tips for Searching Alaska’s Digital Archives

Because of the large number of institutions contributing, when you're searching on Alaska's Digital Archives and you find something you like, you'll want to pay attention to which library, archives, or museum the image is from. That information, along with contact information for that institution, is included in the description below the image (look for "Holding Institution"). Each archives and library has their own regulations for using their collections and you'll want to contact them directly to find out what they are.

Additionally, you can limit your search to only the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library collections (or also the collections at the UAF Museum of the North) by choosing “Advanced Search” to the right of the search bar, clicking on “Add or remove collections”, and then checking the boxes for “University of Alaska Fairbanks” (and/or “University of Alaska Museum of the North”) on the menu.

This page was last modified on October 12, 2016