Bookplate Dedication

A Special Commencement Gift

Books for the future and books to honor the past
As the school year winds down and our graduates look forward to their careers, UAF Rasmuson Libraries offer a lasting way to commemorate this important life step!
  • Our Bookplate Dedication Program allows you to expand the library’s collection and honor
  • The 2012 graduate
  • The parent or loved one who supported you during your studies
  • Someone special – perhaps that professor who encouraged you or another student who took the time to study with you
Consider a graduation gift of a much-needed book in the student’s course of studies, a DVD in honor of an anniversary, or an e-book commemorating a future Nanook’s birthday. Your gift of $50 will guarantee a personalized dedication (up to 100 words) which will appear in the item and in the Library’s online catalog! We will notify your recipient right away so they can see their bookplate as soon as possible.
Every day hundreds of students and faculty come to the library in search of a resource, an answer to a question, or a corroborating piece of evidence to support a hypothesis. As a library that serves UAF, Alaska's rural areas and the greater Fairbanks community, the Rasmuson Library staff and faculty work tirelessly to provide access to information so that the answers are waiting to be found, no matter who seeks them.
By sponsoring a much-needed book, DVD or e-book, you help expand the vital resources available to library users all over the state. By selecting the subject or study area for the bookplate, you can make the dedication relevant to your recipient.
Your gift is tax-deductible, and each message is personalized in a custom bookplate or digital catalog label. You will inspire student learning or honor a special person or event—and help grow the offerings of the Rasmuson Libraries with your gift.
Gift levels vary depending on the type of item you wish to support and the number or resources you would like us to make available, but you can honor a loved one through a customized bookplate with a gift of only $50!
Please consider a gift of knowledge by dedicating a bookplate today. Just click on the Bookplate Dedication form to get started.
I am grateful for your dedication to learning,
Suzan L. Hahn, Interim Dean of Libraries
This page was last modified on March 11, 2015