10.0 Federal Documents

Rasmuson Library became a partial depository for U.S. government documents in 1922 and currently receives about one third of the items distributed through the Government Printing Office’s Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). The collection is government-wide and nation-wide in scope. However, emphasis is placed on research oriented materials, data, and internet resources directly related to Alaska or UAF curricula. Geographic emphasis is placed primarily on Alaska, and secondarily on Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Some of the material may be duplicated in the Reference collection on Level 4, the Alaska collection of APR, the BioSciences Library, or the Geophysical Institute Library.

Documents staff maintain and support this collection by frequently updating the profile of GPO depository receipts; acquiring additional material through various means; processing materials in accordance with GPO requirements and guidelines, maintaining websites or other user guides; and promoting public and campus awareness of the collection through appropriate means.

By informal agreement with the other GPO depositories in the state, UAF retains the draft copies of environmental impact statements for Alaska. The other depositories keep or discard the draft versions at their discretion.

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