11.0 Map and Atlas Collection

The map and atlas collections are administratively and physically part of the Government Documents Unit. The collection is worldwide in scope with the emphasis on Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, northern Canada, Scandinavia, and far eastern Russia. Cartographic formats collected include but are not limited to: printed atlases and sheet maps, globes, CD-ROMs, indexes, gazetteers and similar finding aids. However aerial photos are generally excluded as they are collected by the Alaska Polar Regions section of the library and the GeoData Center of the Geophysical Institute.

Highlights of the collection include current and historical collection of USGS topographic maps of Alaska; current and recent nautical charts for Alaskan waters (pre 1945 charts are located in the Alaska Polar Regions collection); world wide coverage at small scales (about 1:1,000,000); complete medium scale coverage (1:250,000) of the U.S. and Canada; large scale coverage (1:50,000) of most of the Yukon Territory; topographic atlas coverage of all of the U.S. and most of Canada; national atlases for many countries; and CD-Rom products for the five states of geographic emphasis.

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