Quick Guide to using the UAF Library Catalog

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Use the Library Catalog to find materials located in the University of Alaska Fairbanks libraries and other Alaskan libraries. Materials include books, periodicals, videos, films, sound recordings, maps and more.

You can access the Library Catalog by going directly to http://catalog.library.uaf.edu/uafandbiosci, or from the Rasmuson library homepage.

Quick Guide to Using the Library Catalog

  1. Find the item in the catalog using your search strategy.
    For example, using the ADVANCED SEARCH screen to search for books written by Mary Tallmountain, do an author search for mary tallmountain
    • Typing can be done in upper or lower case: the catalog is not "case sensitive."
    • Keywords can be entered in any order.Choose a search strategy
    • ADVANCED SEARCH (the main or default screen)- Used to combine keyword search terms from various record fields or to limit your search by format, language, date, etc. Results will be displayed in reverse chronological order (not alphabetically).
    • BROWSE - Use BROWSE to find authors, titles, subjects, series, or journal titles that begin with your search term(s). Results will be displayed in alphabetical order.

      To access the BROWSE screen, click BROWSE, located on the right side of the screen.

    • CALL NUMBER- Locate bibliographic records using a CALL NUMBER search if you already know the call number. Example: LD91 A4915 F32

      To access the CALL NUMBER screen, click CALL NUMBER, located on the right side of the screen.

  2. When you find an item, look for the:
    • Call number and Library location (which library? Fairbanks, Bethel, etc.)
    • Location in Rasmuson Library if the item is available (the floor and the call number which indicates the item's position on a shelf , Off-Site Storage, or Online)
  3. Look for additional information:
    • Subjects from the Library of Congress Subject Headings
    • A complete description of the item (publisher, publication place and date, edition, presence of illustrations or other features)
    • In some new books, a table of contents
  4. Navigation
    • Use the Go Back button to return to the previous screen without removing your search term(s) from the search box. Do not use the browser's navigational button.
    • Use Previous or Next to scroll forward and backward when information spans more than one page.

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