University Records for University Staff

All university offices, committees, and departments create or maintain records of enduring value. These records document the functions and activities of the University at a given point in time and may have significance and usefulness long after their creation. These are documents that are vital to the ongoing operation of the University and are records of administrative, legal, financial, or historical importance. Materials with such enduring value are considered permanent records and special care is necessary to ensure that these records are preserved and remain accessible to those who need them.

All UA and UAF offices, committees, and departments create or maintain permanent records that may be eligible for transfer to the University Archives. These records should be transferred to the University Archives, which will hold them in perpetuity, because:

  • the Archives can provide reference service and access to the records,
  • the Archives ensures that records are stored in an environmentally stable and secure area, and
  • the Archives improves office efficiency by providing less expensive storage for infrequently consulted materials.

Records held by the University Archives have been used by departments and University Relations for anniversary celebrations, consulted by writers for biographies, and have served as crucial evidence in legal cases.

Administrative offices, colleges and schools, academic departments, institutes and committees, and student groups are asked to regularly transfer historically valuable records. Significant records include publications, meeting minutes, project files, publicity materials, correspondence, and photographs.

For more information about transferring records to the Archives, please see:

This page was last modified on November 8, 2014