Video Duplication

Bring your video and your video duplication request form to the Media Equipment desk located on the main floor of the Rasmuson Library.

What We Will Duplicate

  • Video that you have produced. This includes home movies, personal camcorder tapes, or any programs for which you are effectively the copyright holder.
  • Programs for which you have express written permission from the copyright holder to duplicate. A copy of this permission must be provided when a duplication request is made.

What We Will Not Duplicate

  • Commercially produced VHS videos and DVDs. This may include movies, television programs, or other programs.
  • Programs that have been recorded from any broadcast source (including, but not restricted to, movies, television shows, news programs, and satellite programs).
  • Non-commercial video for which the customer is not the producer or copyright holder. These may be demonstration tapes, corporate videos, music videos, etc.

Who can use our services (you must present proof of affiliation)

  • Current UAF faculty, staff, and students
  • Current Alumni Association members
  • Emeriti


We can copy to or from any of the following formats:

  • VHS-C; VHS (Standard); VHS (International)
  • 8mm; Digital 8mm
  • MiniDV
  • VCD
  • DVD


We will only make direct copies. If you have any editing needs, you can check out one of our Macintosh laptops, or contact the OIT help desk.

Duplication Prices

To Standard VHS or DVD (NTSC):
1st copy $7.50
Additional copies $5.00

To International VHS (PAL/SECAM):
All copies $7.50

Note: If you wish to merge several tapes onto one, you will be billed the 1st copy price for each original. For example, if you bring in four 30-minute tapes, and want us to copy them all onto one 120-minute tape, the charge will be $30. Additional copies, if made at the same time, will then cost $5 a piece.

All prices include tapes or discs. If you wish to provide your own unopened media, you may, but it will not affect the price of the duplication.

This page was last modified on October 23, 2014